Friday, 25 November 2016

Strangest Things You Think As A Child: Top 20 List

What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

It’s fascinating how a child thinks and most of the time it’s wonderful, strange and funny. It’s wonderful because you don’t need to think of so big problems like Global Warming. It’s funny because a child’s mind can believe even the silliest thing on earth.

So here are funniest and strangest things that a kid could ever think about while growing up, thanks to my Chinese students for making this list possible. Some of them are pretty funny and some of them are seriously ridiculous.

1.       I used to think that Superheroes are real, that Superman exists along with the rest of the DC and Marvel comic’s characters like Wolverine, Professor X and Magneto. LOL (X-Men)

·         Most of their answers are about the curiosity of where they came from and actually asked their parents about it.

2.       When I was a child my mom told me I came from a big stone. I asked my mother where I came from and it was her answer and I still believed it at that time. Maybe because it is difficult for parents to tell their children the truth about sex and most of Chinese people are conservative especially the period when I was young. However it is better nowadays.

3.       I think the strangest thing is that my son thinks that he hatched from an egg.

4.       I always wonder where I come from because children do not know about people having married life and eventually having kids.
5.       My mom told me, I was born by her armpit. Hahaha. (This one is funny but kids usually believe what their parents told them.LOL)

6.       My mom told me that I was picked up in the side of a river and I believe that indeed when I was a child.

·         The next answers are going to be random and funny so brace yourselves and get ready to laugh because you might relate to these answers.

7.       I think I can control my blood muscle and pain through my mind!

8.       I believe that when you swallow a seed from an apple or fruit a tree will grow inside you. (Haha. This one reminds of my childhood beliefs. Cracking. LOL)

9.       I think that the strangest thing was why all of the people over the world do not speak in the same language.

10.   I believe there is a dragon in the sky. (I mean seriously? LOL)
11.   Japan will attack our country again. (This is really hilarious for me plus the student said he can’t sleep because when he was a kid. I hope no Japanese can read this. LOL)

12.   I believed ghosts really exist when I was a child but I have not seen it up to now. (Most people usually mention this, but don’t really believe)

13.   My mom told me that if you keep staring at a dog, it will bite you. So, I don't stare at dogs until now. (I can totally relate to this, my mom told me the same thing. I’m like, really mom?

14.   I think the strangest thing a child could think about is to become an adult because children always like to do some things like their parents do.

15.   I remember I believed that human can fly.

16.   I don't know when I was child; the strangest thing I could think about is my dream. I dream that I will be a man like my dream man. (Hahaha. This is really strange. LOL)

17.   When I was child what makes me feel interesting is that I usually think about the future and how my life will be.

18.   I am curious about what will happen in my life. I’m curious about what happen in the next seconds.

19.   I used to believe that every shining star in the sky represents a person, if its light fades it mean that the person has gone....I read this from a book I think..... (Yeah, I think so too. Haha)

20.   I believed in every effort would talk. But now I know before you take efforts you should know the best way to do that. If not your efforts would make no sense. LOL

You probably miss your childhood days; the worry-free days. This is also the time when your imagination works amazingly. It’s not a bad thing to believe in all kinds of things – most of them are silly but normal. 



  1. I guess you've gone a long way of being a Chinese teacher. This entry is very original and worthy of my time.It's also funny. I used to think when I was a kid that I can get inside the TV and join the actors in the movie hahaha

  2. Wow unique and original. funny too :)